Eurovision 2017: How the Contest missed out a Lady Gaga performance.

Eurovision 2017: How the Contest missed out a Lady Gaga performance.

According to local media reports in Ukraine Lady Gaga was to perform om Eurovision 2017 stage but was eventually replaced by Ruslana!

 lady-gaga-singing-720x400Igor Tarnopolsky, manager of  Eurovision 2016 winner Jamala,  revealed that  Lady Gaga  was initially chosen to sing on Eurovision 2017 stage during the grand final . According to  Mr. Tarnopolsky, in April,  he was informed by the producer of the Stuart Barlow show, that Lady Gaga had agreed to perform on stage during the grand final show. The agreement predicted that the worldwide famous artist would perform during the break between the competing and the results part of the show, as the basic guest artist without herself requesting any payment.  After that the organization tried to find an amount about 100.000 -200.000 dollars so as to cover all the expanses that had to do with accommodation and other needs of the super star and her staff, in order to secure her presence in the show. However, according to Tarnopolsky’s statements it wasn’t possible to approve the necessary financing from the budget and the deal was cancelled after all

Eventually, instead of Lady Gaga we saw  the Eurovision 2004 winner, Ruslana, on stage. The Ukrainian artist performed her new song  «It’s Magical» and alongside Jamala and ONUKA, were the guest artists of the grand final.

True or not , the Eurovision Song Contest seems to be attracting progressively more international  artist’s interest , a development that seems rational considering the global dimension the contest’s impact .

Angelo D.

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