Eurovision 2017: Portugal tops for the first time the betting odds board!

Eurovision 2017: Portugal tops for the first time the betting odds board!

The battle between Italy and Portugal for the 62nd Edition of the Eurovision Song contest is on fire! After Italy’s lead for almost all of the period after the national finals on the bookies betting board , Portugal today got a narrowed but unstable lead on the betting board in front of Italy. This evening the betting performances for Portugal’s win start from 2,38 and reach a 2,88 betting rating. On the other hand Italy’s win is right behind with a 2,5 rating odd,  reaching a 2,99 betting rating. But Portugal’s lead a far away from stable since some betting office still show Italy top favorite to win and numbers are changing every hour. Less betting odds for Bulgaria’s win (4-5,5) at 3rd place . Belgium’s 4th place and Sweden next complete the top 5 bookies favorites.

However you can’t miss out Romania at sixth place and U.K’s 7th place. Croatia has made an impressive rally the the last hours reaching the 8th place on the betting board when France is 9th with Armenia closing the top 10.

A day before the Grand Final the fever in bookies offices is hitting red and no one can predict surely who will win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest . Don’t forget that when it comes to Eurovision the word surprise is something you can always expect.

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