Eurovision 2018: All the countries 12pnts in juries and televoting

Eurovision 2018: All the countries 12pnts in juries and televoting

The 63rd Eurovision of Lisbon was completed yesterday with several ups and downs.

Israel conquered its fourth victory with Netta and the song “Toy” and Cyprus recorded the best result in its history with Eleni Foureira and “Fuego”.Perhaps the interesting part in Eurovision, besides the songs themselves, of course is the vote.

This year, the audience and juries polls hung a few surprises, with countries that were considered favorites by fans and betting companies to be reduced to low levels, while low-yielding countries were suddenly in high positions.

Below you can read where the 12 points of each country were given, in the final and semifinals, in televoting and juries.


Israel: 8 12pnts (Australia, Azerbaijan, France, Georgia, Moldova, San Marino, Spain, Ukraine)

Lithuania: 5 12pnts (Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, United Kingdom)

Serbia: 4 12pnts (Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Switzerland)

Cyprus: 3 12pnts (Armenia, Bulgaria, Greece)

Italy: 3 12pnts (Albania, Germany, Malta)

Denmark: 3 12pnts (Hungary, Iceland, Sweden)

Ukraine: 3 12pnts (Belarus, Czech Republic, Poland)

Czech Republic: 2 12pnts (Austria, Israel)

Germany: 2 12pnts (Denmark, Netherlands)

Moldova: 2 12pnts (Romania, Russia)

Estonia: 2 12pnts (Lithuania, Finland)

Albania: 2 12pnts (FYROM, Italy)

Bulgaria: 1 12pnts (Cyprus)

Hungary: 1 12pnts (Serbia)

Netherlands: 1 12pnts (Belgium)

Spain: 1 12pnts (Portugal)


Final -Juries

Austria: 9 12pnts (Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Iceland, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom)

Sweden: 8 12pnts (Armenia, Australia, Cyprus, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Serbia, Slovenia)

Cyprus: 6 12pnts (Belarus, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Spain, Sweden)

Israel: 5 12pnts (Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, San Marino)

Germany: 4 12pnts (Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland)

Estonia: 3 12pnts (Moldova, FYROM, Portugal)

Albania: 1 12pnts (Azerbaijan)

France: 1 12pnts(Ukraine)

Moldova: 1 12pnts (Russia)

Lithuania: 1 12pnts (Croatia)

Norway: 1 12pnts (Italy)

Italy: 1 12pnts (Albania)

Denmark: 1 12pnts (Hungary)

Serbia: 1 12pnts (Montenegro)


Televoting -A Semi-Final

Cyprus: 5 12pnts (Albania, Armenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece)

Estonia: 3 12pnts (Lithuania, Finland, Portugal)

Ireland: 3 12pnts (Austria, Belgium, Spain)

Czech Republic: 2 12pnts (Iceland, Israel)

Lithuania: 2 12pnts (Ireland, United Kingdom)

Israel: 1 12pnts (Czech Republic)

Austria: 1 12pnts (Switzerland)

Finland: 1 12pnts(Estonia)

Greece: 1 12pnts (Cyprus)

Albania: 1 12pnts (FYROM)

Belarus: 1 12pnts (Azerbaijan)

Armenia: 1 12pnts (Belarus)


First Semifinals- Juries

Israel: 7 12pnts (Armenia, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain)

Austria: 3 12pnts(Belgium, Estonia, Israel)

Albania: 2 12pnts (Belarus, Iceland)

Bulgaria: 2 12pnts (FYROM, United Kingdom)

Azerbaijan: 1 12pnts (Greece)

Belarus: 1 12pnts (Azerbaijan)

Belgium: 1 12pnts (Bulgaria)

Estonia: 1 12pnts (Switzerland)

Ireland: 1 12pnts (Lithuania)

Lithuania: 1 12pnts (Portugal)


Televoting -Second Semi Final

Denmark: 6 12pnts (Australia, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, San Marino, Sweden)

Moldova: 5 12 pnts  (France, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine)

Serbia: 2 12pnts (Montenegro, Slovenia)

Romania: 2 12pnts (Moldova, Italy)

Norway: 1 12pnts (Denmark)

Hungary: 1 12pnts (Serbia)

Poland: 1 12pnts (Germany)

Russia: 1 12pnts (Latvia)

San Marino: 1 12pnts (Malta)


Second Semi Final -Juries

Sweden: 9 12pnts (Australia, Georgia, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia)

Norway: 3 12pnts (Italy, Malta, Sweden)

Australia: 3 12pnts (Denmark, France, Latvia)

Moldova: 2 12pnts (Romania, Russia)

Romania: 2 12pnts (Moldova, Hungary)

Netherlands: 1 12pnts (Ukraine)

Serbia: 1 12pnts (Montenegro)

The analytical scores of all countries can be found on the page here.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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