Eurovision 2018: Betting odds tabloid before dress rehearsals

Eurovision 2018: Betting odds tabloid before dress rehearsals

The technical rehearsals for all missions were completed yesterday and today, we proceed to the main part of the contest, since we will have the first dress rehearsals. Furthermore, the jury rejearsal of the first semifinal, where the judges will vote, will take place today. On the same time,beting odds continue to give us a confusing view as we have great changes and upsets day by day.

Israel continues to be first, with even slightly dropped odds. Here is the group of five countries which follow,with very small differences between them. These are in turn currently in the betting table, Norway, Estonia, France, Czech Republic and Cyprus. Bulgaria is slightly lower in the seventh place and now Sweden, Italy and the tenth are closed by Moldova

See below the betting odds tabloid as formed after the end of the technical rehearsals:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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