For several years, the running order of the 3 Eurovision shows (2 semi-finals and the Final) is decided  by the organizers of the contest  and EBU and not by drawing lots. With a photo published in social media, the Portuguese organizers reveal that Christer Björkman, the head of the Swedish delegation in the contest and one of the producers of this year’s contest, is already working on the semifinals running order.

The photo is taken from the Altice Arena, apparently during the meeting of the Heads of Delegations. Christer Björkman, sticking sticks to the wall, just as he does for Melodifestivalen show, prepares the order in which the countries will compete in semifinals on May 8th  and 10th .

The turnout of the countries in the final is announced the night after the end of the second semifinal, when we know all the finalists. It has already been announced that Portugal will appear eighth in the big final, since there is a draw only for the host country.

According to EBU, the order of the songs is such so as to keep the viewers interest, having alternations between slow and dance songs. Last year’s running order was announced on March 31st, so we will soon find out this detail for this year’s contest.