Eurovision 2018: Blue Carpet-What we did not see

Eurovision 2018: Blue Carpet-What we did not see

Eurovision Week started officially, after last afternoon we had the “red” (blue in this case) in Lisbon. Those who watched it from Youtube or from our broadcasts would only see smiles and glamorous moments, but were they all so?

The enthusiastic reaction of Jessica Mauboy in the Greek stand
There were many moments worth to transfer to you. Initially, Jessica Mauboy’s enthusiastic reaction when she arrived at the stand where we Greeks and Cypriots were accredited. She was enthusiastic and very positive with all of us, something she did not do in the stands of the Germans and Dutch who were before us. The Australian Head of Delegation, just as soon as he saw us, gave a signal to the head of press to stop . Jessica took the Greek flag and we took photos for INFE. These photos were also published today in the Greek section of public television in Australia, SBS.

Azerbaijan’s “Greek”  entry
It is well known that 90% of Greeks are behind this year’s Azerbaijani entry. Dimitris Kontopoulos wrote the song, Fokas Evangelinos directed it, Alex Panayi made the vocal teaching, Stephanie Rizou is in the vocals, Elias Kokotos, Dimitris Masouras etc. are the people who participate this year with Azerbaijan in the conetst. It was natural for the Azerbaijan delegation to stop for a long time in the Greek stand, and then to the welcome party along with Greek and Cypriot participation.

Philipp Kirkorov, the Superstar
If one can be described as the ultimate Eurovision King, he is definitely Philipp Kirkorov. He is one of the biggest stars not only in his country but also throughout the former USSR. He knows very well how to play with the media and give them what they want. So when he reached the Greek stand, he gave a small show for all of us. He asked Greece to vote on televoting, believing that 12 would go to Cyprus and 10 to Azerbaijan. He played with the cameras and in the end he also spoke Greek in his own unique way.

The “rude”  of the evening
If such a prize could be given, that would certainly go to Elina from Estonia. Her attitude was at least unacceptable, she did not stop at any fan or press stand, and when some asked her for a photo she turned and replied almost with a “No”. The representative of Belgium, Sennek and the Italians diificult to be approached, too.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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