Conchita Wurst, winner of the Eurovision 2014 contest with the song “Rise like a phoenix,” said in an interview that Netta would be perfect to win this year’s contest.

Here are the statements by Conchita:
“Germany could win if had  sent Ryk with the song” You and I “. You have to listen to it. It’s so good, but Germany preferred to send something else. I would support Netta from Israel. It would be perfect if she did. The first time I heard her song said, “Oh my God, it’s so good, so incredible,” is a little Bjork, a little special. On the other hand, the chorus is a bit disappointing – it is somewhat predictable. But who am I to judge? I had a song titled “That’s What I Am” is not more predictable. But you know, that’s my taste. “

Netta is the big favorite for this year’s Eurovision according to bets. She has also come out on several preview shows in Europe.

“Toy” has also come out of Europe, for example, Spoon Youth from Uganda has uploaded videos that it is dancing.

Conchita Wurst also had predicted the winner of Eurovision last year.