Eurovision 2018: First rehearsals kick off today

Eurovision 2018: First rehearsals kick off today

The first Eurovision 2018 rehearsals kick off today at the Altice Arena. The countries in the first half of the 1st semi final will have 30 minutes in their disposal in order to make their first technical rehearsal on stage.

Today’s rehearsal start with Azerbaijan and close with Bulgaria . After their rehearsals the contestant will old their first meet and greet interview to the media. The rehearsal taking place today will not be open to press or public. The only public material will be recorded by the organization itself and will be uploaded in the official Eurovision YouTube channel. The accredited press and fans will be able to watch what will be going on stage from the Press center area.

Today’s schedule of rehearsal will unfold as following :

  • 11.00 CEST Azerbaijan
  • 11.40 CEST Iceland
  • 12.20 CEST Αlbania
  • 13.00 CEST Belgium
  • 14.40 CEST Czech Rep.
  • 15.20 CEST  Lithuania
  • 16.00 CEST Israel
  • 17.00 CEST  Belarus
  • 17.40 CEST Estonia
  • 18.20 CEST Bulgaria

Stay tuned on the INFE Network and its regional national sites to get the first impression for Eurovision 2018 Rehearsals Day 1.

Angelo D.

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