Eurovision 2018 : First Super Saturday with 5 National Selection shows.

Eurovision 2018 : First Super Saturday with 5 National Selection shows.

This evening national selection shows will be held in 5 countries seeking for their Eurovision 2018 representatives. Tonight the 4th qualifying round of Lithuania’s selection, the 3rd heat of Hungary’s A dal 2018, the 1st Medifestivalen 2018 semi-final , Latvia’s Supernova and Malta’s National Final will take place. Check out the following  details on tonight’s shows:

LITHUANIA – 4th Qualifying round.

Tonight will be aired the the 4th show of Eurovizijos, Lithuania’s national selection for Eurovision 2018. Hosts of the show will be   Ugnė Skonsmanaitė and Mantas Stonkus.

Today another set of 12 contestants will compete to qualify to the next round of the country’s national selection:

  1. Rūta Loop – Positive Thoughts
  2. Jurgis Brūzga – For Love
  3. Ofelija – Butterfly
  4. Dainotas Varnas – Merry-go-round
  5. Rugilė Daujotaitė – Love Is The Flower of Life
  6. Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė – That Girl
  7. Marius Petrauskas – Kol Meilė Gyva
  8. Silvija Pankūnaitė – Real
  9. El Fuego – I Do Believe
  10. Marija – This Love
  11. Rasa Kaušiūtė – The Silence
  12. The Roop – Yes, I Do
  13. Monika Marija – The Truth

Six acts will qualify to the next round and will be determined by a 50-50% share of public and jury voting. As the whole show is taped and will not be aired live the jury has already cast its votes. This is the jury voting:

Draw Artist Song Jury votes Public Total Place
Televote Points
1 Rūta Loop “Positive Thoughts” 4
2 Jurgis Brūzga “For Love” 12
3 Ofelija “Butterfly” 0
4 Dainotas Varnas “Merry-go-round” 5
5 Rugilė Daujotaitė “Love Is The Flower of Life” 0
6 Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė “That Girl” 8
7 Marius Petrauskas “Kol Meilė Gyva” 2
8 Silvija Pankūnaitė “Real” 1
9 El Fuego “I Do Believe” 0
10 Marija “This Love” 8
11 Rasa Kaušiūtė “The Silence” 3
12 The Roop “Yes, I Do” 6
13 Monika Marija “The Truth” 10

The show will start  at 20:00 CET and you can watch it HERE

Hungary – 3rd heat of A Dal 2018.

Hungary’s Eurovision 2018 national selection, A Dal 2018,  continues today with the 3rd qualifying round taking place.  A Dal this year consists of 3 qualifying rounds , 2 semi final and one grand final that will be held on February 24. Hosts of tonight’s show will be, as in the two previous shows,  Kriszta Rátonyi and Freddie (Hungary ESC 2016).

This evening the 3rd and last set of 1o acts will be compete for the last 6 semi final spots. This evening’s contestants are:

  1. Andy Roll – Turn the Lights On
  2. Reni Tolvai – Crack My Code
  3. Roland Gulyás – H Y P N O T I Z E D
  4. Tamás Horváth – Meggyfa
  5. #yeahla feat. Viki Eszes – 1 Szó Mint 100
  6. Cintia Horváth & Tomi Balogh – Journey (Break Your Chains)
  7. Nikoletta Szőke, Attila Kökény and Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos – Életre kel
  8. Ham ko Ham – Bármerre jársz
  9. Nova Prospect – Vigyázó
  10. Maszkura és a tücsökraj – Nagybetűs szavak

The six qualifying acts will be decided after two rounds of voting. In the first phase a four member jury, formed by Judit Schell (actor), Misi Mező (head vocalist and guitarist of the Hungarian group Magna Cum LaudetheKároly Frenreisz (singer and composer) and Miklós Both (composer- performer- guitarist), will rate each song after its performance alongside with the audience, which will vote being the 5th member of the jury. From this phase the 5 best acts will qualify. In the next second phase the public audience only, will vote the one act that favors more from the group of the other 5 acts left behind. The song that wins the public’s votes will follow the first 5 qualifiers to the semi final round.

The second A Dal 2018 show will start at 20:30 C.E.T and you can watch it HERE.

Sweden – 1st Semi Final of Melodifestivalen 2018

Today Swedish national selection, Melodifestivalen 2018 kicks off with the first semi final which will be held in the city of   Karlstad at the Löfbergs Arena. Host of the show will be David Lindgren familiar to the audience from his participation in past Melodifestivalen years (2012, 2013 και 2016). In this evening’s first semi final we will watch 7 acts compete for two Grand final spots and for 2 spots in the second chance semi final round.

The 7 contestants tonight are:

  1. Sigrid Bernson – Patrick Swayze
  2. John Lundvik – My Turn
  3. Renaida – All the Feels
  4. Edward Blom – Livet på en pinne
  5. Kikki Danielsson – Osby Tennessee
  6. Kamferdrops – Solen lever kvar hos dig
  7. Benjamin Ingrosso – Dance You Off

Among this night’s acts we meet again some familiar to the audience from past Melodifestivalen years. Kikki Danielsson has participated in Melodifestivalen 9 times, represented Sweden in Eurovision 1982 (8th place) and in 1985 (3rd place) and had participated in the Norwegian national final back in 2003. Benjamin Ingrosso competed last year in  Melodifestivalen 2017 with his song «Good lovin» achieving a 5th placing. Lastly, John Lundvik was the composer of the entry «Natural» which competed in  Melodifestivalen 2014.

The voting process consists of two rounds, both in which only the audience will vote. In the first phase of voting the top 5 acts will move on a second round of voting. After the 2nd round the first two artists that will have gathered the most votes will qualify directly to the big final will the 3rd and 4th act in votes will qualify to the second chance semi final round.

The first semi final will start at 20:00 CET and you can watch it HERE

LATVIA – 1st Semi-Final of Supernova

Latvia’s Eurovision 2018 national selection , Supernova, kicks off tonight with the first semi-final. This year Supernova, consists of  3 semi final rounds and one grand final that will take place on February 24. Hosts of the first semi-final, which will be aired live from Riga, will be the actress and show presenter  Dagmara Legante and the country’s ESC 2016 representative  Justs Sirmais.

In this year’s edition of Supernova a total of 21 acts will compete, 7 in each semi final round. In tonight’s show we will see the following seven acts:

  1. Katrīna Gupalo and The Black Birds – Intoxicating Caramel
  2. Rahu the Fool – Oh Long River
  3. DVINES – More Than Meets the Eye
  4. Agnese Stengrevics – You Are My World
  5. Sudden Lights – Just Fine
  6. Edgars Kreilis – Younger Days
  7. Liene Greifāne – Walk the Talk

From these 7 acts only 2 will qualify to the grand final. The two spots will be determined by a combination of public and jury voting  (50-50%).

The 1st Supernova semi final will start at 20:25 CET and can be watched on Supernova’s official site 


This evening another national final will take place. Its time for Malta to decide its next Eurovision 2018 representative. Radio producer Colin Fitz will be the host of tonight’s final.

The Maltese national broadcaster, PBS, received initially a total of applications for this year’s national selection. On 15 September 2017 a group of 30 songs were announced to pass on the next phase. After that, a special jury cut down the list to 16 entries which we will see competing tonight:

  1. Aidan – Dai Laga
  2. Miriana Conte – Rocket
  3. Jasmine Abela – Supernovas
  4. Matthew Anthony – Call 2morrow
  5. Danica Muscat – One Step At A Time
  6. Dwett – Breaking Point
  7. Lawrence Gray – Love Renegade
  8. Richard & Joe Micallef – Song For Dad
  9. Tiziana Calleja – First Time
  10. Eleanor Cassar – Back To Life
  11. Rhiannon – Beyond Blue Horizons
  12. Brooke Borg – Heart Of Gold
  13. Christabelle Borg – Taboo
  14. Deborah C – Turn It Up
  15. Avenue Sky – We Can Run
  16. Petra – Evolution

Among the contestants we meet  Richard, the country’s 2014 representative as member of the group Firelight and ended in the 23rd place of the grand final. Apart from Richard we outline  Brooke Borg and Christabelle Borg who have tried in the past to represent Malta but without success.

The final winner will be determined by a combination of public and jury voting (50-50).

The Maltese national final will start at 21:00 CET at can watch it on TVM’s official site.

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