The technical rehearsals are finally all done. After today’s last rehearsals of the Big5 and Portugal, we proceed to the main “Eurovision” part.

All of the artists from the 43 participating countries will meet on the Blue Carpet as well as at the Opening Ceremony which follows. All delegations will be met by the 4 hosts of the event, followed by interviews with the press and meetings with the fans.

The Blue Carpet event will be hosted by Cláudia Semedo, Inês Lopes Gonçalves, Pedro Granger and Pedro Penim, at the MAAT Museum Lisboa.

After that, all the delegations will procced to the Opening Ceremony event, where will be officialy welcomed by the host city of Lisbon.

Blue Carpet and Opening Ceremony events will take place from 18:00 CEST and you will be able to watch them via our Facebook page:INFE-International Network of Funclubs of Eurovision.

Stay tuned!