Eurovision 2018: High audience rates fot the Big5

Eurovision 2018: High audience rates fot the Big5

It was great to see the final screening of the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest in all Big5 and in the organizing Portugal.

In particular, in Portugal, the final of the competition amounted to an average of 1.4 million viewers or 32.5% of the television audience and was the most popular Saturday program.

In the United Kingdom, SuRie’s effort was attended by 6,900,000 viewers, 200,000 more than last year. The contest also managed to be at the top of the UK, surpassing “Britain’s Got Talent”.

France was one of the favorites for the victory in Lisbon. The interest of the French in the competition has grown so much in recent years, and this was also seen in yesterday’s viewing rates since it was the highest after 2009. More than 5 million viewers on average and 28.5%.

Italy was the only Big5 to see the show, to recede slightly compared to last year and this is logical, since Francesco Gabbani was the big favorite for the win in 2017. However, the second largest TV show was recorded after Italy’s return in the competition in 2011, with about 3,500,000 viewers and 18,6% telecom.

Germany gathered 8,200,000 viewers or a viewing rate of 33.3%. Steady rise for the country that saw “You Let Me Walk Alone” take the fourth place. It is the second best place in the country in recent years, after of course Lena’s victory in 2010.

Finally, in Spain, 7.200.000 viewers watched the show (or 43.5%). This is the biggest percentage of the 2008 competition, and of course it has to do with the popularity of Alfred and Amaia, representatives of Spain in Lisbon.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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