Eurovision 2018: How did the Euro-stars vote as jury members in the Grand Final.

Eurovision 2018: How did the Euro-stars vote as jury members in the Grand Final.

As the glitter and the lights from this year’s contest have gone down lets dive into more numbers and scores , this time coming from the Euro-stars who were members of national juries this year. In several national juries we met ESC past participants or national final contestants cast their votes as jury members.  As every year, the national juries cast their votes one night before Saturday night’s Grand Final.

Starting from Albania, Rosela Gjylbegu,  has competed many times in the country’s national selection Festivali i Këngës, and was one of the backing vocalist in Albania’s debut entry in 2004 with Anjeza Shahini. Rosela as a member of this year’s Albanian jury gave her 12 points to Italy having on her 2nd place Eleni Foureira.

Alongside with Rosela another Festivali i Këngës participant, jury member, Kamela Islamaj, voted the same way giving her 12 and 10 set of points to Italy and Cyprus accordingly.

From Albania we pass on to Armenia and Masha Mnjoyan.  Masha has participated in  Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008, as a backing vocalist of a song that she wrote and composed herself.  Masha’s top 3 was Molodova (12 points)  Sweden (10 points) and Cyprus (8 points).

In Αυστρία, we meet Nathan Trent, as jury member. Nathan represented the country last year. His 12 points went to Germany while his 10 points to Cyprus. His top 3 closed Netta from Israel while his last placing was Serbia.

In Belgium the national jury included two familiar Eurovision stars, Laura Tesoro (ESC 2016) and Tom Dice, the country’s representative back in 2010.

Laura’s top 3 were: 1.Austria 2.The Netherlands 3.Albania, while Tom’s top 3 were : 1.Austria 2. The Netherlands 3.Germany. In their last places were Hungary and Portugal accordingly.

In Denmark’s this year the national jury had the ESC 2013 winner as member ,Emmelie de Forest. Germany, Austria and Australia topped her voting while last in her preferences was Ukraine.

Apart from Emmelie, several Dansk Melodi Grand Prix participants were in this year’s national jury.

Bryan Rice a DMGP 2010 contestants (2nd place) had Australia and Cyprus in his two first places while   Lasse Meling ( DMGP 2018) had his 12 points for Australia and his 10 points for Bulgaria.

In Estonia we had several Eesti Laul past participants in the national jury. Anett Kulbin ( Eesti Laul του 2016), gave her 12 points to Ieva from Lithuania, while Karl Killing ( Eesti Laul 2018) gave his set of 12 points to Austria.

In the German’s national jury, the country’s representative in 1972 and 1984, Mary Roos, has Sweden, Australia and Ireland as his top 3 favorites.

In the Irish national jury we meet another ESC winner, Niamh Kavanagh. The winner of ESC 1993 and Ireland’s representative in 2010 gave her 12 points to Germany, having in 2nd and 3rd place Bulgaria and Cyprus. Hungary was in her last place on her voting scale.

In Latvia, the country’s 2015 representative, Aminata has Sweden as her winner while in last place for her was the UK.

Amber from Malta who participated in Eurovision 2015, gave Cyprus her 12 points leaving in the last place Serbia.

Nina Zizic, singer of Who See, (Montenegro 2013) had Serbia in first place and Hungary in her last.

Cristina Scarlat from Moldova (ESC 2014) had Estonia on top of her voting and last Finland. Guri Schanke, the country’s representative in 2007, awarded Swedish, Benjamin, with 12 points , leaving in last place AWS from Hungary.

Polish, Michał Szpak, (ESC 2016), gave his 12 points to Austria leaving in his last place Moldova.

Anabela, the Portuguese representative in 1993, has Albania on her No 1 place and Moldova last.

Bojana Stamenov from Serbia(ESC 2015), gave Israel her 12 points while Lithuania was placed last .

Raiven from Slovenia, past participant in the country’s national final EMA 2016 and 2017,  gave her maximum points to Sweden but left in last place Lithuania.

Mariette, from Sweden and a  Melodifestivalen participant in 2015,2017 and 2018, awarded Fuego with 12 points είχε στην πρώτη θέση το Fuego leaving in last place the Albanian entry, Mall.

What do you think of these set of jury votes? Do you agree with them?

Angelo D.

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