Eurovision 2018: The Jury Rehearsal of the Second Semi Final completed

Eurovision 2018: The Jury Rehearsal of the Second Semi Final completed

Time  for the Jury Show of Second Semi-Final and the voting of the jury. The juries from the 18 participating countries, as well as the juries from Germany, France and Italy will give their scores, judging by 50% the outcome of the Second Semi-Final. Stay tuned in our article to get the feedback on what’s happening at the Altice Arena.


Alexander Rybak returns for the second time to the conetst and is second in bets. Beautiful presence, similar to appearance in the final.


A fairly old-fashioned song for many, but a singer with a wonderful voice, who also has a Greek background (called Caramarcu). Although the bets show it off.


Serbia’s entry is another ethnic song. Mystery and alternations. Difficult year for the Balkans.

San Marino

With their robots back on stage, Jessika and Jenifer, this time the “banner” holding the robot writes “Sometimes Size Does not Matter”. Voices have problems.


Unlike the Balkans, Scandinavia is very strong. No technical issues this time for Denmark. The only negative may be Rasmussen’s intense makeup. They will “sail” directly to the final.


With a lot of stress, Julia appears on stage. Voice instability and a song that is very uninteresting. If Russia succeeds and qualifies this year, it will never be ruled out.


The Greek dream team also signs this entry. Moldova has managed to win many supporters after each rehearsal and is currently ninth in bets. It will pass easily to the final.

The Netherlands

An incredible performer on stage. Waylon from the Netherlands sings a rock / country song that will appeal to the juries, but what about the audince?


With a lot of shifts in Australia’s shots, better vocals than they were in the first technical rehearsal, but it can be improved further.


The most special song of the year is by far Georgia’s. Beautiful presentation, a big question mark about where to score.


A pop summer song. Poland has managed to score good results in the contest in recent years. It will probably be in the final this year too.


Holograms and a loud  appearance by Christabelle. The song is signed by Thomas G: Son. Malta will return to the final after one year of absence.


Here you will see more fires than you will see in “Fuego” . A metal / rock song that rises with it energy. Smoke, fireworks and a staging literally silenced. Top 5? Very likely…


Laura, although representing Latvia, is from Brazil. It is about  the poorest staging.


Sweden had technical problems at noon, but now everything is doing well. The  Benjamin’s appearance is just like Melodifestivalen. Let’s see how high he will reach …


An entry that reminds us of the songs that Serbia has sent over the past decade. Great applause though.


Everything went well on stage but nothing special.


Melovin gives an explosive performance and the organizers keep the best for the end,as in the first semifinal . A song that will go much better than what bets have shown so far.

After Ukraine, the last entry for today, we watched a recap with all the candidate songs and the story of the contest through a humorous video.

Still a medley and a video with the best moments of this year’s candidates from the spin of the postcards. Finally, we watched the perfomances of Germany, France and Italy and juries voting followed.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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