Eurovision 2018 National Finals: Who are the bookies’ favorites.

Eurovision 2018 National Finals: Who are the bookies’ favorites.

As time for most of the national finals is approaching more and more betting sites are displaying the betting odds for national final results.  As the countries’ national selections are unwinding the bookies seem to favor already some of the participants .

Melodifestivalen in Sweden, the Norwegian and Danish  Melodi Grand Prix, the Sanremo festival in Italy  and the national final in Estonia, Switzerland and Czech Republic have already drawn bookies’ attention. 

Lets take a look around Europe and see which finalists have the bookies’s preference:

In Sweden although the songs haven’t been released yet and a lot can change after they go public, however so far Liamoo seems to be one of the favorites to win Melodifestivalen 2018, alongside with Marriete, being popular especially  among  fans and Benjamin Ingrosso also.  Kiki Danielsson although being a popular artist seems not to have moved especially the bookies’ interest since she is in the 26th placing  on the betting odds board.

In the neibour country of Norway, Alexander Rybak is the grand favorite, as expected, but having drawn a lot of attention lately, Rebecca seems so far  to be Alexander’s main opponent concerning the betting odds.

In Denmark, without having listened to the songs, two seem to attract bookies attention,  Sandra and Anna Ritsmar.

In Estonia things seem to be rather clear as Elina with her song «La forza» tops the betting odds board leaving in 2nd place Eurovison 2015 representative Stig Rasta .

In Italy and this year’s Sanremo Festival,   Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro stand out when it comes to betting odds, as they have drawn a lot of attention through the social message their entry is sending to the audience. As 2nd favorite we find Noemi, despite the fact that she didn’t receive many positive reviews coming from the critics, who have already heard the songs.

In Czech Republic’s online national final combined with a international jury  Mikolas Josef is the clear favorite to meet victory.

Last but not least in Switzerland things  are even more clear, as  Zibbz seem to be without doubt the favorites to win the national final.

As the crucial dates are approaching stay tuned on the INFE Network to watch how the betting odds will develop the following days and if their predictions will meet the final results.

Angelo D.

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