Eurovision 2018: No Led panels in Lisbon this year

Eurovision 2018: No Led panels in Lisbon this year

Since the very beginning of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, it has been known that this year there will be no Led screens. This was something that disappointed eurofans as many were the ones who argued that the production of the contest  is getting cheaper over the years. But how did the competing countries react to this great change? It seems that the majority of the countries have no  particular problem in directing the staging of their representatives.

The official announcement was made by production manager Carla Bugalho. In particular, she told RTP that almost all countries participating in this year’s Eurovision see the absence of led screens as a new challenge and feel they are not an obstacle to their appearance.

However, she revealed that there are also countries that have already bought and will carry their own led panels to perfect their stage performances. Let us remind you that led panels were last used in the appearance of Gaitana, which represented Ukraine in 2012 with the song “Be My Guest”.

It is worth mentioning that led screens have been introduced to the competition since 2011 and by what seems to have prevailed until 2017.

Was 2017 the last year of using the led panels?

Fotis Kourouvanis

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