Eurovision 2018: Reclassifications in betting odds tabloid

Eurovision 2018: Reclassifications in betting odds tabloid

Today, the remaining 13 countries had rehearsed and after that, we noticed some changes in betting odds table,as expected.


More specific, Israel remains the favorite country to win while we find Norway in the 2nd place. Estonia which yesterday reached the 2nd place has fallen back to third place,followed by Czech Rep. that shows a steady trending at 4th place on the betting odds tabloid.

France,after its rehearsal has dropped another two places ending since yesterday in the 5th place. Cyprus and Bulgaria seem to be switching places from 6th to 7th place and backwards but at the moment Cyprus at 6th is slightly in front of Bulgaria which is 7th.

The last three places of the top10 close with Sweden,Italy and Spain.  Moldova is flirting with top10 placing (11th) while notable that Australia which had reached a 2nd placing at some point before the rehearsals dropped after its 2nd rehearsal down to 12th place. Same with Belgium, Finland and Greece that were all in the top 10,are now in the 13th,14th and 15th place,accordingly.

As we all heading to the week of the live shows bookis seem to have said their last word yet making things even more exciting.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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