Eurovision 2018: Stage design details revealed

Eurovision 2018: Stage design details revealed

About one month remains until the biggest European music festival and one of the key questions of euro fans is always the setting up of the stage. Today, some details about the design and mockup for the main stage and the green room of the Eurovision 2018 Song Contest were unveiled.

Three pictures of the Eurovision 2018 stage were released on the internet and show for the first time how the Altice Arena will look both in the green room and the stadium. The green room follows the same design we have seen from the 2015 contest where it is placed in the back of the standing area.




Let’s remind you that the official slogan for this year’s contest is “All Aboard!” And it was chosen to represent a celebration of Europe and music. The slogan was inspired by the long history of Lisbon as an important world seaport and the importance of the ocean in the history of Portugal. The ocean has linked Portugal to the rest of the world for centuries and this link is intended to invite people from around the world to meet to celebrate music and Eurovision.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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