Eurovision 2018: The 5 most popular videos from the 1st semi final rehearsals .

Eurovision 2018: The 5 most popular videos from the 1st semi final rehearsals .

The second rehearsals for the countries completing in the 1st semi final were completed yesterday and through the YouTube channel the public has a chance to see how the acts unfold their performances. Lets take a look at the first five most popular rehearsal videos based on the views.

1st Place – Israel: The second rehearsal of this year’s second rehearsal is approaching the number of 430.000 views. Netta and her song Toy still gather major attention as we are heading to the final week.

2nd place – Cyprus : Even though Cyprus didn’t start from a high placing in the betting odds tabloids , Eleni Fureira’s powerful stage performance of Fuego has boosted the Cypriot entry high in bookies preferences and her video in the second place with  350.000 views.


3rd place- Greece: Despite the techical problem that came up at the rehearsal and are still to be settled  Yianna Terzi and her song Oniro mou maintain still major acceptance and interest by the fans and media reaching a total of 326.000 views.

4th place- Croatia: A rather surprising placing for Croatia and  Franka with her song Crazy. Although the Croatian participation didn’t meet in the beginning great interest from the fans , Franka’s powerful vocal performance in the rehearsal changes the initial impressions reaching a total of 183.000 views leaving behind videos of other favorites . However there is a notable distance between the first three places.

5th place – Czech Republic: The country got major attention from the first day of releasing its artist and entry something reflected on the betting odds tabloids. Despite his injury Mikolas Josef has maintained for his entry  Lie to me the high interest and his video of second rehearsal has reaches already  181.000 views.

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