Eurovision 2018: The last rehearsal before Semifinal

Eurovision 2018: The last rehearsal before Semifinal

A final rehearsal for the first Eurovision 2018 semi-finalists was being held at the Altice Arena. This rehearsal is also called a family show because it is mainly targeted at families due to time and low ticket.


No change for Aisel’s participation from yesterday’s Jury Rehearsal, perhaps less intense makeup. Vocals again are wonderful. Enthusiastic welcome.


Unlike Ari’s current appearance, he may be waiting for the evening. Unfortunately for himself he only had one look before leaving for Iceland.


With slightly altered shots  and with wonderful vocals for Eugent once more.


Enhanced vocals for Sennek today, the shots still do not flatter her, especially some close at the end. She will fight for qualification.

Czech republic

By far the biggest applause so far for Mikolas, which seems to overcome the injury problem he had in his first rehearsal. He will surely get the best place his country has taken so far in the contest. He could not put the bag in the end and threw it, the only problem in his present appearance.


An awesome interpretation and appearance. The only difference from yesterday is that Ieva is singing the last part of the song in Lithuanian, and yesterday interpreted it in English.


By far the best interpretation of Netta so far and great applause. For the first time the vocals are ringing.


Stress enough for Alekseev. Voices like we wrote again have improved a lot. Another song that will fight to qualify.


Great response to Estonia’s participation. Impeccable and its present appearance. Impressive scenery and vocals.


Smoke, dark scenery and TV interchanges that fix you. Bulgaria is still fighting for the award.


A fabulous effort from FYROM, but in the difficult first semifinal, it has no hope of qualifying. Beautiful presentation nevertheless.


Another nice presence that unfortunately is in danger of being lost in this semi-final. It may, however, surprise.


Yesterday, Cesar faced some problems with his handset that now seems to have been overcome. Much more comfortable and less stressed by the jury rehearsal.


With blue hand Yianna again, this time the fireworks at their right time. The hand-made effect did not even look this time. Yianna and all the team were vocally excellent.


Saara’s “Monsters”  is next. Saara has many supporters and is likely to be in the final.


The fate of Armenia in today’s semifinals remains a question mark. Sevak no longer has vocal problems. If the Armenian diaspora supports it, then it is likely to qualify.


If Eugent from Albania is the best male performer of the contest, the Zibbz singer is the best female voice. Another outsider.


A song that may not have persuaded initially, but it seems now that there are not a few who think Ryan may be surprised at night and come to an end.


The big favorite on stage. There is no change in Eleni’s stage appearance. At the end of her appearance she embraces the girls accompany her to the vocals and celebrate.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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