Eurovision 2018: The overall results of televoting

Eurovision 2018: The overall results of televoting

Although it has been around 20 days since the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest was completed, the overall results of this year’s televoting  have been released a few days ago. Which countries have reached the source (11th) of the country’s televoting but eventually did not get a point? Which participations were favored by some countries while others were found to be very low? Read below the answers.

We start with the hosting country,Portugal, which, according to the results, was in the last position of televoting in 26 countries. More than half of the countries had Claudia Pascoal and “O Jardim” in the 26th place (for countries that did not go to the final) or 25th place (for those countries that competed in the final). Other participations that took the bottom of televoting in some countries are Serbia (seven times), Slovenia (five times), Spain (four times) and Finland (once, in particular, from Moldova).

* According to the above, it appears that countries like Serbia, which have several allies due to neighborhood and similar culture, are greatly favored by the top 10 system in televoting and gathering points. On the other hand, in a number of countries outside the Balkans it is in the last positions.

The countries that failed and found themselves in the eleventh place of televoting in the final
17 countries reached the eleventh position of televoting of all countries, having the misfortune of not taking any degree. Most of these times, Estonia and Norway have been in eleventh place in televoting, six times respectively. France followed with five times  and Austria with four times.

In detail, countries in eleventh place and how many times:

  • Australia 1 (in Lithuania)
    Austria 4 (in Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal)
    Bulgaria 2 (in Armenia, Italy)
    Czech Republic 1 (in Georgia)
    Estonia 6 (in Australia, Azerbaijan, San Marino, Serbia, the Netherlands, UK)
    Finland 1 (in Albania)
    France 5 (in Greece, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland)
    Germany 3 (in Bulgaria, FYROM, France)
    Hungary 1 (in Russia)
    Ireland 1 (in Malta)
    Israel 1 (in Denmark)
    Italy 2 (in Norway, Sweden)
    Lithuania 3 (in Belarus, Belgium, Iceland)
    Netherlands 3 (in Austria, Estonia, Germany)
    Norway 6 (in the Czech Republic, Finland, Israel, Montenegro, Poland, Ukraine)
    Sweden 2 (in Latvia, Spain)
    Ukraine 1 (in Hungary)

To see the overall results of all countries in semifinals and finals, visti eurovision tv (here).

Fotis Kourouvanis

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