Eurovision 2018: This year’s Eurostars after Lisbon

Eurovision 2018: This year’s Eurostars after Lisbon

Eurovision 2019 has come to an end about a month ago and this year’s Eurostars, who performed on stage at the Altice Arena and loved them, despite the hard work they have done in recent months, either continue with a tour to get to know them or promote their work by releasing a new single.

Eleni Foureira, after putting Fuego in Spain’s biggest dance show, “FAMA A BAILAR” will continue her tour, with Cyprus Prime Prize in Nicosia on 3 / 6, London (29/6), while visiting Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Saara Aalto, who represented Finland at this year’s Song Contest, returned to the United Kingdom where she is on a tour with the British band Steps. Along with them are Blue, who represented the UK in 2011, with the song “I Can”. Alongside with Steps, she will be filming all over the United Kingdom, and she will be touring her home in the next couple of years.

Lea Sirk, going against the bets, managed with the upgrading Hvale, to bring Slovenia to the big Final. Lea, though she’s finished the first part of her tour, continues to make appearances across Europe.

Surie did not put it down after the unexpected incident on the Altice Arena stage and was brought up as a pro. Now, she has returned to the UK, where with Eurovision Unplugged, as her tour is called, she aims to perform in the whole country.

Although Sevak Khanagyan did not manage to bring Armenia to the Final, he continues his career, releasing a new song called “Zerkala”, which means “mirror”. It is remarkable that the whole song is written in Russian.

At the same wavelength, Alekseev, who, despite not being able to bring Belarus to the Final,held a concert in Odessa, Ukraine, and released a new single called Sberegu (Save).

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