The time of the final crisis for the 1st semifinal is approaching. One day before the 1st semifinal we first have the Dress Rehearsal and later the Jury Show for the 1st Semi Final. Therefore, this evening at 21.00 (CET time)the Semi Final 1: Jury Show will be held , in which we will see the show as it will be presented on our screens on Tuesday night.

During the show, 50% of the final result will be judged by the five-member jury of the 19 countries participating in the semifinals but also by the juries of Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom. This show will be taped if there is a problem with the live show.

A little earlier at 16.00, the Dress Rehearsal will take place , where you will be able to watch videos from all the performances of the contestants.

INFE will broadcast to you live article, everything that will happen today.Stay tuned in INFE for any news concerning all the significant details about this important day.