Eurovision 2018: Waylon’s reaction to Netta’s victory

Eurovision 2018: Waylon’s reaction to Netta’s victory

The 63rd Eurovision Contest is now a past with Israel and Netta Barzilai having crowded as the winner. The truth is that since “Toy”  has been announced, several have reacted negatively with both the type of song and Netta’s stage show in Lisbon.

Indeed, a few days ago, last year’s Eurovision winner Salvador Sobral had mentioned Israel’s participation with no flattering words, which prompted the angry reaction of last year’s Croatian spokesman Jacques Houdek . Salvador’s point of view, however, was the way he handed the award to the Israeli artist, where the little contact between them was embarrassed.

It is Waylon’s turn now to turn against Israel’s participation. The artist who won the 18th place after the event told reporters who asked him about his experience at this year’s Eurovision:

“I was hoping we were in the Top 10 but the results were strange. You understood it from the bustle of the stadium. Everyone wondered what was going on here? The right side of the table suddenly goes left and it was a surprise all this. There was also an incident with the United Kingdom that made the atmosphere more fierce in the arena. However, I feel proud, there is no disappointment though we did not deserve this position. Of course, we would like to have the first place as the Netherlands has not won for 43 years.”
When asked fro Netta’s vicory,he replied:

“Israel is the righteous winner if we talk about something we always talk about and is the circus and madness of the case. What I just said is that it will not add much change to Eurovision. And that’s the sad I think. Something must change once. The last time she was a woman with a beard and now she’s a chicken.”
Also, Waylon said he would like to represent the Netherlands for the third time.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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