Eurovision 2018: Who were the “leaders” in the last places in the jury rankings?

Eurovision 2018: Who were the “leaders” in the last places in the jury rankings?

43 countries took part this year in the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest, held in Lisbon, Portugal. The result of the final winner came after the vote of both the television audience and the forty-three juries of each country.

The committee of each country consisted of 5 members who rated all the songs except their own country of course. A total of 215 experts have made both their own winner and the champion of the last position.

According to a table published by ESCKAZ, it was revealed which songs were last ranked by the 215 members of the international jury.

Below you see the table published by ESCKAZ:

Thus, we notice that 37 of the 215 members of the committee voted Moldova and DoReDos in the last place. However, the band from Moldova managed to finish 10th in the final ranking. Also Hungary was ranked last by 32 members.

Although Denmark was in the top 5 of the television audience, the committee had another opinion, with 18 members out of 215 placing it last in their ratings. While Italy, although it came third on televoting, was last ranked by 16 members of the committee.

The top2 of the television audience was also rated low by some members. Specifically, Cyprus was last ranked by 4 people, while Israel by 2.

On the other hand, Austria, which was the winner of the jury, did not escape the last position, since three members scored it last.

Finally, Germany and Sweden, the most juries’ favorites , not only because they were  found the final night in the top 5 of the committee but were not ranked last by none of the 215 members.

So it seems that DoReDos is this year’s champions, with AWS coming second in a breath, while Benjamin Ingrosso and Michael Schulte become favorites of the committee since they were ranked last by any of the 215 members.

Source: ESCKAZ

Fotis Kourouvanis

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