Eurovision 2019: 182 million viewers watched the 64th Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision 2019: 182 million viewers watched the 64th Eurovision Song Contest

A total of 182 million viewers from 40 countries tuned on and watched the 64th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest . The viewing figures were revealed by EBU and are based on information from Eurodata TV, rest of EBU partners and  YouTube analytics.

The grand final on 18 may achieved in average a 36,75% share from general viewing numbers, showing an increase of one percentage comparing to last year. This figure is more than double from the average numbers during prime time on T.V which usually is generally around 16,7%.

                                                                                   Eurovision 2019 Audience Highlights (© EBU)

The Netherlands: The biggest audience since 2014

In the winning country, The Netherlands , the T.V viewers for the two national broadcasters NPO/AVROTROS were the biggest since 2014, the year since  The Common Linnets achieved a second placing for the country. An average of 4,5 million people watched the grand final , which was a 73,4% share of the country’s total viewing numbers. κ

On the other hand the host country’s national broadcaster, ΚΑΝ, saw its viewers increase by 24% from those in Portugal. KAN reached a number of 1,3 million spectators, which was a record number since 2003 , and was the 63,2 % of the total viewers.

More young people among the audience

This year’s contest saw a wave of young people watch this year’s contest. In average a 45,3%  among young people aged 15 to 24 years old from 40 countries watched the Grand final, marking a two percentage increase comparing to 2018. This figure is 4 times up from the average viewing numbers in national broadcasters (11,7%)

lets go and see what happened in other countries:


The Italian National broadcaster, RAI  marked it best score since they country returned to the contest (2011) reaching to a number of 3,4 million viewers, which is a 5% increase since last year. Of course Mahmood 2nd place and all the expectations from participation arouse even more the people’s interest.


The national broadcaster of ARD maintained its first position with the bigger number of  Eurovision viewers than any other market reaching 7,6 million viewers.


Iceland once more topped the results that had to do with the televoting, as RUV had more than 98,4 % . It was the first time the country qualified to the final after 5 years bringing more people to follow the event. This was the biggest TV result after 2014 when the contest was watched by  98,6%.


Another country that qualified to the final after  5 years is Switzerland. The three national broadcasters,  RTSRSI and  SRF over doubled their figures while the German speaking broadcaster marked its highest score since 2006,  with 700.000υ viewers, a total of 49,6% share from the overall tv viewers.

That go and see how this year’s puzzle of TV rating  went:

    • Australia – 412,000 viewers
    • Austria – 627,000 viewers
    • Belgium (RTBF) – 249,596 viewers
    • Croatia – 280,940 viewers
    • Cyprus – 180,020 viewers
    • Czech Republic – 284,660 viewers
    • Denmark – 1,095,000 viewers
    • Estonia – 201,000 viewers
    • Finland – 538,000 viewers
    • France – 4,780,000 viewers
    • Germany – 8,080,000 viewers
    • Greece – 1,863,000 viewers
    • Hungary – 145,000 viewers
    • Iceland – 171,000 viewers
    • Israel – 1,300,000 viewers
    • Ireland – 284,700 viewers
    • Italy – 3,539,000 viewers
    • Netherlands – 4,409,000 viewers
    • Norway – 1,247,000 viewers
    • Poland – 1,151,2000 viewers
    • Portugal – 553,900 viewers
    • Romania – 147,000 viewers
    • Serbia – 2,007,000 viewers
    • Slovenia – 276,400 viewers
    • Spain – 5,449,000 viewers
    • Sweden – 2,556,000 viewers
    • Switzerland (SRF) – 660,000 viewers
    • United Kingdom – 6,900,000 viewers

Online viewers

The online viewers during the live shows of the Eurovision week, reached  40 εκατομμύρια unique visitors on   YouTube from  225 territories. 72% of those who watched the show on Youtube was under 35 y.o while 5 more million fans visited the contest’s social media accounts with most popular of  that ,Instagram.

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