Eurovision 2019: EBU calls for nominations from cities that will not divide – Is Jerusalem excluded?

Eurovision 2019: EBU calls for nominations from cities that will not divide – Is Jerusalem excluded?

According to the local press in Israel, EBU has called for the country’s public broadcaster (KAN) to have at least two cities nominations for the Eurovision 2019. Moving one step further, it has called for cities that will not divide and will not be the cause for boycotts from other European countries. This EBU directive essentially suggests that probably Jerusalem is out of the battle.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in recent talks with finance ministers, the media and the cabinet secretary general made it clear that there will be no political intervention in the city selection process for hosting Eurovision 2019 leaving the decision to EBU and KAN, the country’s public broadcaster.

It is impressive that Minister of Culture Miri Regev, who, a few days ago said that Israel should host Eurovision next year in Jerusalem, otherwise it did not organize it at all, did not participate in the Prime Minister’s talks with the other ministers.

Netanyahu’s change of attitude is probably due to the communist “slap” he received last week with the cancellation of the football match between Argentina and Israel after the government’s decision to transfer the race from Haifa to Jerusalem.

In addition, the same report highlights that EBU has asked KAN to transfer € 12 million to its bank account, just as it did last year with Ukraine. The reason is that it wants to be sure that if the transfer of Eurovision 2019 to another country is rushed, the existed financial resources will make it happen.

Despite the disclosure of the intention of several cities (Haifa, Eilat, Petah Tikva, Tel Aviv) to host Eurovision 2019, so far only Jerusalem has officially nominated for it.

Next week,  KAN will step in to discuss further details at EBU headquarters in Geneva. The decision on the city and the dates for the next Eurovision Song Contest will be announced earlier in July and at the latest in September.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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