Eurovision 2019: EBU confirms minor changes to Grand final voting presentation

Eurovision 2019: EBU confirms minor changes to Grand final voting presentation

Through its official webpage for the Eurovision song contest , EBU , confirmed officially minor changes to the way the grand final resutls will be presented to us this year. The changes aim to bring more excitement and anticipation on the final outcome during the grand final night up to the last minute.

According to this year’s system the jury voting results will be presented in the same way as in the last three years. Each country will announce its 12 points through its spokesperson.  The change concerns maily the presentation of the televoting resutls. Specifically, the public voting results will not start from the country with the less points in televoting but from the one that came last in the jury voting.

For example, if we had the same system in 2018, the first set of televoting points to be announned  wouldn’t have been Australia’s which came last in the televoting with 9 points, but Ukraine’s which was ranked last in the jury voting. Accordingly, the country to have found out its points last wouldn’t have been Israel but Austria which topped the jury voting last year. Therefore, the throphy wouldn’t have been at the end of the night by Israel and Cyprus but Israel and Austria who would have been the last country to find out its televoting and its overall points.

However, the slight changes in the televoting results presentation will have no other other impact of course on the real results only the order of the countries’ points announcement will change.

What do you think of the new way of presenting the televoting results. Do you think it will bring more excitement to the final night’s results?

Angelo D.

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