Eurovision 2019-EBU: “If some countries refuse to join Eurovision 2019 then it will not be held in Jerusalem”

Eurovision 2019-EBU: “If some countries refuse to join Eurovision 2019 then it will not be held in Jerusalem”

According to today’s report by Maariv, Israel’s second-ever daily newspaper, EBU in its recent meeting with KAN, Israeli public broadcaster,made it clear that if there were countries boycotting Eurovision 2019, then it will not take place in Jerusalem.

EBU, seeing that there are already reactions, a possible event in Jerusalem and wanting to limit the rumors by the Israeli officials’, besides the warning to the fans who want to travel to Israel next year, warned KAN that if the reactions will continue, they will not accept the next Eurovision to take place in Jerusalem.

In addition to Iceland, where more than 22,000 signatories are calling for the Eurovision 2019 boycott, politicians in Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, in one way or another, require their countries not to participate in the musical competition if it is held in Jerusalem.

Fotis Kourouvanis

4 thoughts on “Eurovision 2019-EBU: “If some countries refuse to join Eurovision 2019 then it will not be held in Jerusalem”

  1. So… It will not be held in Jerusalem, and it never would be. This is not because of the political situation though, it is because of basic Logistics.

    Jerusalem does not have an airport. The closest is 45 minutes drive or 1.5 hours on Public Transport from Jerusalem. This is already a fail.

    The venues put up for Jerusalem are nowhere near enough accommodation. Just for delegations alone they need 1200 4-5* beds within about 5-7 minutes of the venues. They also need at least 8000 beds within about 25 minutes by PT. Where these venues are they are struggling to prove that is possible.

    Haifa is the only logical place in Israel for Eurovision. It has a venue (which needs a roof admittedly), it has an international capable airport (though the only international airline that went there stopped 8 months ago) and it has accommodation near the venue and PT.

    Haifa would feel blessed with Eurovision because it would assist them in getting a long term contract with an international airline to service the town. Sure it would have to be an airline with something around the size of an AN-72 due to the short runway that, even if it is extended by the 300m planned, this current STOLport still wont be able to handle even medium sized passenger planes. But Eurovision would do amazing things for Haifa and the 291 hotels apparently currently there.

    Haifa would be the best option for Israel economically (long term), and for the EBU politically.

  2. Am not being anti-sematic here, however the song was crap, ok am remainian in UK so have an issue with public voting. The disparity between public vote and “eledgidly bribal juries” were so apparent, the situation in Israel and their determination to hold contest without consequence for the participants and audience is beyond belief… well I wouldn’t go!

    1. That is not Anti-Semitic, it is fact. It was crap. I am still trying to decide if Netta or the Screaming Banshee from the Ukraine (Jamala) gave us the worst Eurovision winner of all time.

      I saw Serbia’s allegation of vote rigging. Bribery allegations in Eurovision go back 50 years to when Cliff Richard didn’t win. Serbia was just bitter, they were never in the race anyway.

      If Israel don’t agree to host it in Haifa, do not be surprised if Russia host it. They are politically the best choice.

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