Eurovision 2019: EBU updates jury and overall results after clarifying mistake in Belarusian jury voting

Eurovision 2019: EBU updates jury and overall results after clarifying mistake in Belarusian jury voting

Three days after the Eurovision 2019 Grand final that crowned The Netherlands and Duncan Laurence winners , the EBU have responded to the error in the Belarusian jury voting at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. They have now clarified that a mistake has indeed taken place and that the results have now been updated. 

The Belarusian jury was dismissed following the reveal of their votes from the first Semi-Final which is contrary to the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest. In order to comply with the Contest’s voting regulations, the EBU worked with its voting partner digame to create a substitute aggregated result (calculated based on the results of other countries with similar voting records), which was approved by voting monitor Ernst & Young, to determine the Belarusian jury votes for the Grand Final.

EBU precisely stated:

The EBU can confirm, following standard review practices, we have discovered that due to a human error an incorrect aggregated result was used. This had no impact on the calculation of points derived from televoting across the 41 participating countries and the overall winner and Top 4 songs of the Contest remain unchanged.

And the statement goes on saying:

To respect both the artists and EBU Members which took part, we wish to correct the final results in accordance with the rules. The correct jury points have now been added to the scoreboard and the revised totals for each participating broadcaster, and their country, have been published on

The EBU and its partners digame and Ernst & Young deeply regret that this error was not identified earlier and will review the processes and controls in place to prevent this from happening again.”

After the necessary adjustments the corrected overall results developed as following:

Here are the jury voting results after EBU’s update :

  1. North Macedonia (247 points)
  2. Sweden (241 points)
  3. The Netherlands (237 points)
  4. Italy (220 points)
  5. Azerbaijan (202 points)
  6. Australia (153 points)
  7. Switzerland (152 points)
  8. Czech Republic (150 points)
  9. Russia (126 points)
  10. Malta (87 points)
  11. Cyprus (77 points)
  12. Denmark (69 points)
  13. France (67 points)
  14. Greece (50 points)
  15. Iceland (46 points)
  16. Slovenia (46 points)
  17. Albania (43 points)
  18. Norway (40 points)
  19. Serbia (35 points)
  20. Estonia (28 points)
  21. Germany (24 points)
  22. Belarus (18 points)
  23. San Marino (12 points)
  24. United Kingdom (8 points)
  25. Spain (1 point)
  26. Israel (0 points)

From all the scoreboards above one can make the following remarks on the updated overall results:

North Macedonia eventually won the jury voting , leaving behind Sweden who fell to the 2nd place. This automatically brought the Balkan country to the 7th placing on the final scoreboard instead of 8th , which is the country’s best placing in the competition.

Israel was left without jury points as its only 12 points came from the Belarusian jury , which were dismissed. Therefore the host country and Kobi Marimi received null points from the juries. 

Norway, unluckily fell out of the top 5 while its top placing with 291 points in the televoting still secured the Nordic country a final 6th placing.  

San Marino although it lost 4 points in the jury voting , gained one place on the overall score as Estonia lost 10 points from the jury voting and was left behind San Marino by 1 points. Therefore San Marino finished 19th on the overall scoreboard.

Both France and Slovenia lost two positions, which were gained by Cyprus and Malta. Tamta after this sees herself on the right column of the scoreboard finishing 13th. 


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