Eurovision 2019: Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand shares thoughts on what to expect from Tel Aviv 2019

Eurovision 2019: Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand shares thoughts on what to expect from Tel Aviv 2019

With less than 3 months to go until the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand shared some insights and thoughts on what to expect from this year’s edition. This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be the 64th edition and will be held at Expo Tel Aviv. The two semi-finals will take place on 14 and 16 May, and the Grand Final on 18 May.

Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest Jon Ola Sand has spoken about the 2019 host city Tel Aviv and compared it to the previous host city Lisbon, describing both cities as being vibrant and liberal and having a history with the sea.

Tel Aviv is really a city where you can come as a guest and feel embraced the moment you arrive. Tel Aviv so far has been very good to us, the way they have met us and the way they have opposed to us with ideas, how they can do it. So we are sure that Tel Aviv will be a great host city for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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He went on by stating that this year’s edition will be again a strong competition combined with cutting-edge top notch entertainment due to the collaboration of a very successful international crew. Jan Ola Sand expressed his satisfaction with the production team made up of the best talent in Israel combined with the best European talent. The local Israeli part of the team knows what their country would like to present to Europe while the international team carries on the knowledge and experience as a row of them have already worked many times at the Eurovision Song Contest.

There will also be an innovation this year: Since 2014 the green room has always been situated in the venue, which will change this year.

The green room takes up a lot of space in the venue as we have seen in the last years. Since we have a smaller venue in Tel Aviv this year, we decided to move the green room to a venue right next door where we can also sell tickets for an experience in the green room where you can have close contact with all the artists. You can have a different experience. We think that we’ll have a more vibrant green room than ever. It will be extremely fun for the artists to be there.

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