Eurovision 2019: Lithuania asks clarifications on controversial Italian televoting results presented in Semi final 2

Eurovision 2019: Lithuania asks clarifications on controversial Italian televoting results presented in Semi final 2

The issues concerning this year’s Eurovision  final voting scoreboard seen not to have an end, since after the Belarusian jury votes were dismissed due to its leaking, contradicting Eurovision rules, a new issue arouse, this time concerning the Italian televoting in the 2nd semi final , in which Italy had the right to vote. Did this mistake have any impact on the final ranking of countries that were to qualify to the final?

Specifically, the Italian broadcaster released the analytical votes of the semi final and the final show. According to what was unveiled by the Italian side and what EBU had released, Lithuania was placed 10th in the Italian televoting, so should have been awarded with 1 points in the 2nd semi final while EBU’s official results showed no points from Italy. If Lithuania had been awarded the 1 point sit would have caught in the last qualifying spot Denmark with 94 points. In this case although there would have been a tie, the Baltic country would have qualified to the final cause according to Eurovision rules the country with the best televoting results is favored when thing come to a tie.  

Here are the results RAI unveiled:

  1. Albania – 16.08%
  2. Romania– 10.39%
  3. Russia – 9.92%
  4. Moldova – 8.66%
  5. Norway – 8.58%
  6. Switzerland– 5.93%
  7. North Macedonia – 5.47%
  8. Azerbaijan– 5.4%
  9. Malta – 4.42%
  10. Lithuania – 4.13%

Here are the Italian votes presented actually  during the semi final:

  1. Albania – 12
  2. Romania – 10
  3. Norway– 8 (6 according to RAI’s results)
  4. Russia– 7 (8 according to  RAI)
  5. Switzerland– 6  (5 according to  RAI)
  6. Moldova – 5  (7 according to RAI)
  7. Azerbaijan – 4  (3 according to  RAI)
  8. The Netherlands – 3  (0 according to RAI)
  9. Μάλτα  – 2
  10. Βόρεια Μακεδονία  – 1  (4 according to RAI)

Of course as expected the issue caused the Lithuanian’s Delegation reaction and the Head of Delegation of broadcaster LRT,  Mr. Audrius Giržadas,stated:

The situation is really interesting. We, as a broadcaster, have suffered a moral and ranking misconduct, and we may have enough information to acknowledge the error.

However, the songwriter and performer could claim substantial financial compensation – when the song is performed to such a large audience, the author’s reward for playing the song twice is significantly higher than when it is performed only once.


The reaction from this year’s Lithuanian representative ,  Jurij Veklenko was more calm:

I did everything I could, but what happened has happened. Those who were in the finals were worthy of their place and I see no point in unnecessarily depriving them of their place at the table.

Concerning LRT’s complaints and whether his management will take action, he added:

I think they will decide whether to take action, my job is to make music.

Jurij Veklenko represented Lithuania with the song Run With The Lions which came 11th in the 2nd semi final with 93 points just one point away from the qualifying zone.

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