Eurovision 2019: National jury members go public

Eurovision 2019: National jury members go public

As we already know in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest the result will be determined 50% by televoting and 50% by a jury voting. Today the names of those who will consist the national juries that, whose votes will influence by 50% the result have gone public today. After 2009, when the jury voting was reestablished , each participating country forms a jury panel of 5 music experts that cast their votes one day before each live show.

The National Juries

Each national jury is made up of 5 music industry professionals — 4 members and a chairperson. The jury members are asked to judge the following aspects:
  • The vocal capacity of the singer;
  • The performance on stage;
  • The composition and originality of the song;
  • The overall impression of the act.
Each jury member ranks all entries, except for their own country’s contribution.

The conditions in order for an individual to become member of a national jury, require them to be  citizens of the country concerned, at least 16 years old  and not have taken part in such national jury in the last two edition of the contest. Each jury panel will be awarding its own set of points, within the traditional Eurovision style (1 to 8, 10 and 12 points). 

The familiar faces

Taking a look at the list we can track down some really familiar faces to the Eurovision family that have either participated in past contests, composers and TV presenters. From the 205 judges these are some of the familiar outstanding names : Franka (Croatia 2018), Michael Schulte (Germany 2018), Mária Olafs (Iceland 2015), the Tolmachevy Twins(Russia 2014), David Feito (Spain 2013 as part of ESDM group).

You can check out the list with all the names of the  jury members HERE  

Last year’s jury votes are following , according which  Cesár Sampson from Austria topped the scoreboard with 271 points, while the winner of Eurovision 2018, Netta came 3rd with 212 points.


Source:, ESCToday

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