Eurovision 2019: New members join the Reference Group

Eurovision 2019: New members join the Reference Group

Some significant changes in the Eurovision  Reference Group took place after the addition of  the UK’s new head of delegation.

The new British Head of Delegation is Rachel Ashdown which as soon as appointed in her new position, was invited to join the Reference Group. Rachel has been involved in several BBC projects, among them the country’s national final and many briadcaster’s serials.

At the moment the Reference Group consists of the following members: the Chairman Frank-Dieter Freiling (ZDF, Germany),  Jon Ola Sand (Executive Supervisor της EBU),  Carla Bugalho(Executive Producer 2018, RTP, Portugal), Zivit Davidovich (Executive Producer, KAN, Israel) and the elected members Emilie Sickinghe (AVROTOS, The Netherlands), Nicola Caligiore (RAI, Italia),  Aleksander Radic (RTVSLO, Slovenia) and Jan Lagermand Lundme from Denmark .


The Reference Group consists of committee of experts that acts on behalf all broadcasters that participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. It is the supervisor and oversees the whole organization while some of its duties are to oversee the financial aspect of each edition, the means of information and the whole preparations in collaboration with the host national broadcaster. The total number of member is nine. The reference group meets 5-6 times a year to cover and decide on the running issues. 


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