Eurovision 2019: Tickets might go on sale not earlier than the new year

Eurovision 2019: Tickets might go on sale not earlier than the new year

As preparations for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv are under progress, one of the issues that is on hold is the sale of tickets.

During the press conference held just some minutes before in Minsk Arena , by the Belarussian national broadcaster  BTRC and EBU  within the framework of Junior Eurovision 2018, the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest Jon Ola Sand revealed how far things have gone concerning the tickets sale for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Specifically he stated answering to a relevant question:

On the tickets’ issue there hasn’t been any development and the reason is that the next Contest will be held in the Expo Tel Aviv Convention Center, where there are no pre esxisting seats. The whole venue inside, is set up from zero and until the stage is finalized and the area around for the equipment determined alongside with the specific number and  plan of seats , no procedure of sales can begin. This might take more than a month and it is very possible the sales to kick off  from the beginning of the new year.

Mr. Sand’s statement was clear that crucial condition for the tickets to go sale is to have the number of seats finalized according to final arrangement withing the venue. Therefore it seems that fan must be a little more patient until the Eurovision 2019 tickets go on sale.

The forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to take place in Tel Aviv, Israel on 14,16,18 May 2019.

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