According to the main news bulletin of the Israeli channel Reshet 13, a source from  EBU said they are thinking of transferring Eurovision 2019 to Austria.

No more details are given, or if the reason for these thoughts is the threat of a boycott of the next contest if held in Jerusalem from a portion of countries or the extensive episodes that continue in the area and are definitely a threat to the smooth running of Eurovision 2019 on the ground of Israel.

However, the country’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, seems to be more tempered, saying recently that it is not forbidden that Jerusalem will host the next competition, and that the government will not intervene in the city selection process that will host the Eurovision 2019.

However, EBU has requested at least two candidate cities, which will not divide the participating countries, to claim the event. All this a few days before the planned appointment of Israel’s public broadcasrer  in Geneva with EBU.

The reportage of Reshet 13 was confirmed by producer of the last Eurovision that was held in Israel in 1999. Araleh Goldfinger, who was editor on Israeli public television, in addition to a producer of Eurovision 1999, said that although it is rare and difficult to happen , knows that the scenario of moving the contest  to another country is already under discussion in EBU, with more likely Austria.

source: ESCXTRA