Eurovision 2020: Internationally acclaimed dancer Redo will open the second semifinal show

Eurovision 2020: Internationally acclaimed dancer Redo will open the second semifinal show

The Dutch broadcaster, AVROTROS, has revealed Redo (Redouan Aiit Chit) will open the second semifinal with a special dance act. Redo is already familiar with international competitions and a large audience. 

Redo is an internationally acclaimed breakdancer an example for anyone who thinks that disability is a limitation that stops you from doing what you want to achieve.

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Redo was born with several physical malformations. He has a shorter right arm, which lacks an elbow joint, and has a total of 5 fingers – 2 on the right hand and 3 on the left. He is also missing his right hip, has a shorter right leg, and walks with the aid of a prosthetic. Despite these complications, Redo never allowed his situation to negatively affect his life.

The Head of the  ESC 2020 show Gerben Bakker says:

With this Eurovision Song Contest we want to show the Dutch talent in all its facts. Redi is a great dance talent and his story fits perfectly with the inclusive and diverse character of this song festival.  

About Redo

At the age of 14, Redo saw a group of people breakdancing in high school. It was love at first sight and he decided to fight to make it in the dance world despite his physical limitations. To pursue this dream, Redo has created his own style.

In April 2010, Redo became a member of the international breakdance crew: ILL-Abilities, which now consists of seven of the world’s best breakdancers, each with different physical or communication limitations.

Redo generated national fame with his dance and television appearances at “You will have it,” the thank-you concert by Princess Beatrix in Rotterdam Ahoy and at the RTL4 program “Everybody Dance Now,” where he achieved second place. He recently received the ‘Zwaan’, the most important Dutch dance prize, in the category: ‘Most impressive dance performance of 2019.

Photo credits: Thijs Huizer

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