Eurovision 2020: Participating entries’ submission dealine shortens to March 9 ,2020

Eurovision 2020: Participating entries’ submission dealine shortens to March 9 ,2020

Not longer after the host city race was over, the bidbook details of the two final candidate cities, Maastricht and Rotterdam, went public. It was through these details revealed that the deadline for the participating Eurovision 2020 entries is set for March 9. 

Maastricht’s bidbook details refered, among other elements, to the location and date of the Head of Delegations meeting.  At that time all Heads of national broadcasters meet and submit the official file with their entries and staging plan for the contest. As published on 1Limburg, this meeting was set to take place on at the TEFAF Art fair on 9 March 2020.

This element indicates that the Eurovision 2020 deadline for entry submission will come earlier than ever comparing to the latest years , as the specific date in the past was set more near to the mid of March.

Taking in mind that the Meeting of HoDs will be held earlier, this means that the participating broadcasters should be ready with their entries and staging plans much more earlier, bring the national selection season in a more closer period. Under this new circumstances its no suprise that Melodifestivalen 2020 grand final is set to take part on March 7, in order to comply with this year’s deadline.

Last Friday is was revealed that Rotterdam will be hosting the 65th edition of the Eurovision song Contest with the two semi final shows taking place on 12th and 14th May and the Grand final on the May 16th  at Rotterdam Ahoy

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