Eurovision 2020 participations: Estonia, Georgia and Belarus will be present in The Netherlands

Eurovision 2020 participations: Estonia, Georgia and Belarus will be present in The Netherlands

As the last weeks of summer are unfolding and the next Eurovision host city and dates are set to be revealed by the end of the month, more countries are confirming progressively their participation in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Estonia, Georgia and Belarus will be joining the party in The Netherlands next May.

As ESCToday reports the three countries have confirmed their participation in the next edition of the competition which will take place in The Netherlands. Lets take a closer look to each recent confirmation:


The Estonian national broadcaster, EER, has recently confirmed to ESCToday that it will be participating in the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest next year in The Netherlands. The Baltic nation is more than likely to use again Eesti Laul as its national selection format to determine the next Estonian representative, but official announcements on the subject will follow in the near future.

The Eurovision Story so Far 

Estonia joined the Eurovision family in 1994 . On their debut participation they were represented by Silvi Vrait, who finished 2nd last with only 2 points. Seven years later the country was crowned winner of  Eurovision Song Contest 2001 for the first and only time until today. Tanel Padar, Dave Benton & 2XL, performed the song Everybody and against all odds achieved to bring the trophy from Copenhagen in Estonia.

However this success didn’t continue as Estonia failed to qualify for the final from 2004-2008. In 2009 the successive bad results led to the establishment of Eesti Laul, as the show through which the country has been selecting its Eurovision entries the last ten years, having six times qualified to the final. Last year Eesi Laul 2018 winner,  Elina Nichayeva represented the country with her entry  La Forza which finish 8th in the Grand final.

This year, the country was represented by Eesti Laul 2019 winner, Victor Crone who performed on the Expo Tel Aviv stage the song “Storm” which finished 20th in the grand final.



The Georgian national broadcaster. GPB,  has confirmed to ESCToday the country’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, marking its 13th participation in the competition.

The ex soviet country will be present at the Netherlands next May and has already kicked of the process of finding the next Eurovision act. The country will be sticking once again to the Georgian Idol talent show as its national selection method to determine its Eurovision act and entry.

The Eurovision story so far

Georgia participated in the Eurovision Song Contest first time in 2007 with Sopho Khalvashi and her song Visionary dream . Since then it has competed 12 times missing out only the 2009 edition of the contest, when they chose to withdraw. Its best results were scored in Oslo with Sofia Nizharadze and her song Shine (2010) and in Dusseldorf with Eldrine and the entry One More Day (2011), when both achieved a 9th placing in the Grand Final. In 2018  the Ethno Jazz Band Iriao were internally selected to represent the country in  Lisbon with their entry For you. 

This year Georgian Idol’s winner,  Oto Nemsadze  represented the country with his song  Sul tsin iare without achieving to qualify to the grand final. Lets remember Oto’s performance this year at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv:


Our latest confirmation comes from another Eastern European country, this time from Belarus. The Belarusian national broadcaster, BTRC, has confirmed to ESCToday that it will be joining the participating countries in Eurovision 2020.  However, more details on the national selection method and the timeline will be revealed the days to follow.

The Eurovision story so far

Belarus has been participating in Eurovision since 2004 without missing an edition since its first participation. Its best placing so far was in 2007 with Dmitry Koldun and Work Your Magic which finished 6th in the final. This remains Belarus’ only top ten placement. Belarus also qualified for the final in 2010, 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2019. On the other hand its worst result came in 2006 with Polina Smolova who finished 22nd in the semi final.

In 2018 Alekseev represented the country with his song  Forever but unfortunantely didn’t make it to the final as he finished 16th in the 1st semi final. In this year’s contest the country was represented by national final winner, Zena , who performed “Like it” in Tel Aviv . Lets remember Zena’s energetic performance in Tel Aviv:

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