The national selection season is reaching progressively to its end, with the last countries determining their Eurovision 2020 entries the following days until the first week of March.  As the entries for the next contest are being determined the beting odds are marking the potential winner. 

Lithuania seems to be the bookies’ favorite to win the competition with Romania reaching the 2nd place surpassing Italy which is the bookmakers 3rd potential winner.

The Lithuanian group The Roop is currently the bookies’ favorite with a 13% chance to win the next Eurovision Contest in Rotterdam which is double than Romania’s and Italy percentage. However, Romania is seeing the highest odds for winning Eurovision in years.

On the other hand Slovenia fell from 22nd place to 37th after selecting the entry “Voda” for Rotterdam while France has fallen again to 32nd. A big fall for Poland that sees its entry “Empires” fall from 10th to 21st on the betting odds board. On the contrary, after BBC revealed that it will be revealing its Eurovision entry on February 27 the national reached 14th favorite to win  from 33rd place.

This is the overall board of bookies’ favorites:

betting odds 1betting odds 2

The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 is set to take place on May 12,14 and 16 at Rotterdam Ahoy, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Source: Eurovisionworld