Eurovision 2021: Afrojack, Glennis Grace and Wulf confirmed as Grand final interval acts

Eurovision 2021: Afrojack, Glennis Grace and Wulf confirmed as Grand final interval acts

Afrojack ,Glennis Grace and Wulf are the three additional acts on board for the Eurovision 2021 Grand final interval act.

Afrojack (33) along with the Dutch talanted acts Glennis Grace (42) and Wulf (34) are joining the ESC 2021 grand final line up. The three acts will give an exclusive performance in Rotterdam as part of the act specially made for the Song Contest ‘ Music Binds Us’. It is the first time that the interval act in the final will consist of two parts.

During the performance, two completely different music styles will be linked together, namely classical music and the Netherlands’ best export product: dance music. In the first part of the act, the performance will focus on a film directed by the successful director Tim Oliehoek. Not only Afrojack and the classical orchestra play will role in this, but also singer Wulf

During this film, the center of Rotterdam is used and the famous Erasmus Bridge features the film. From the big stage in Rotterdam Ahoy, Afrojack and Glennis Grace will bring the act to a musical climax live, while the classical orchestra plays on.

Gerben Bakker, Head of Show says:

“Music connects, especially in these special times. Where once our DJs flew all over the world to make contact with their audience, now the reality is unfortunately different. With this act we want to send all the energy from Rotterdam to Europe and literally reconnect. Not only between the viewers, but also with two unique music styles: the famous Dutch dance music and the sound of the classical orchestra. “

And goes on expressing his excitement: 

“We want to show the best of the Netherlands during this edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. We do this not only with Afrojack, but also with top vocal talents such as Wulf and Glennis Grace. It is also special to see how director Tim Oliehoek puts his teeth into this unique project. In my opinion, he too is one of the best in the Netherlands. The orchestra was specially composed for the Grand Final and consists of young talent. After this special event. years I hope that during this unique act all of Europe can forget the bad times for a while.”

Afrojack, is a Dutch DJ, record producer and remixer from Spijkenisse. In 2007, he founded the record label Wall Recordings; his debut album Forget the World was released in 2014. Afrojack regularly features as one of the ten best artists in the Top 100 DJs published by DJ Mag. He is also the CEO of LDH Europe.

Glennis is no stranger to the Eurovision family, as she participated in Eurovision 2005 representing The Netherlands with her entry, My Impossible Dream. Despite her dynamic vocal performance she didn’t make it to the grand final.

Lieuwe Albertsma is a Dutch musician born 1987 in Weesp, Netherlands and he is mostly known by his stage name Wulf. In 2012 he participated in The Voice of Holland, failing to get past the auditions stage. 

The 65th Eurovision song contest is set to take place in Rotterdam on May 18,20 and 22 with a total of 39 countries taking part in all three shows in Rotterdam Ahoy arena. 

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