Eurovision 2021: AVROTROS unveils the ESC 20201 Executive Producers Team

Eurovision 2021: AVROTROS unveils the ESC 20201 Executive Producers Team

The Dutch host Eurovision 2021 broadcaster, AVROTROS, has unveiled the ESC 2021 Core Team which will be in charge to secure that the 2021 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will unfold as planned in Rotterdam next May. 

After the Eurovision 2021 dates were confirmed, the three Dutch host broadcasters (AVROTROS,NOS , NPO)  have made up the Executive producers team for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. The team consists of 2 Executive Producers and 2 Deputy Executive Producers maitaining the 2020 format.

The Eurovision 2021 Core Team 

The ESC 2021 Core Team is made up almost by the same people that made up the ESC 2020 core team with the addition of Astrid Dutrenit replacing  Inge van de Weerd who has chosen to step down from her position as Executive Producer and return to the NOS Events department.  Therefore the four members of the next contest’s core team are:

  • Sietse Bakker ( Executive Producer)
  • Emilie Sikinghe (Deputy  Executive Producer)
  • Jessica Stam ( Deputy Executive Producer)
  • Astrid Dutrenit (Executive Producer)

Astrid Dutrénit, is the new member of the core team. She has worked at NOS since 2003. As a Senior Producer, she has a wide exprerience as a producer in  major events among with the programs around the Tour de France, the European Athletics Championships (2016) and the Sports Gala (2011 – 2018). Last year she was involved in the organization from another position while within the framework of NOS she has collaborated with EBU in several occasions.

The next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is set to take place at Ahoy Rotterdam, in Rotterdam on  18,20,  and 22 May 2020.

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