Eurovision 2021: EBU reveals the branding design of this year’s contest

Eurovision 2021: EBU reveals the branding design of this year’s contest

The EBU has unveiled the  branding design of Eurovision 2021, rich in colors and ambitions along with the logo to bring some brightness in Rotterdam next May. 

Following the reveal of the new Eurovision 2021 logo  in early December 2020, now the EBU has released the new design for the forthcoming contest in Rotterdam, which aims to throw out the window the dull colors of last year’s covid-19 pandemic situation with a bright colorful approach of the new branding. 

The design integrates the primary colors of the competing countries’ flags combined with secondary colors as green, pink and purple in order to emphasise on the festive aspect of the contest and bring along a tone of optimism. In addition  the ESC 2021 design incorporates six abstract patterns with sharp, graphical shapes, patterns that represent significant Dutch elements : landscapes, water, bridges, fields, creativity and resilience. 

eurovision 2021 six patterns

The Track

The six patterns will feature backgrounds and the will be part of the so called “The Track”. The Track  is an expansion of the flag-coloured ESC logo in a repeating pattern in a way that it keeps opening up, redirecting the viewer to this year’s theme.  Florian Wieder’s stage design and what it symbolized last year, was the main source of inspiration of this creation. 

eurovision 2021 the track

The new Eurovision 2021 branding will feature the official website, will be seen outdoors in Rotterdam (as on means of transportation) and will be a primary feature on mechadising products such as t-shirts and coffee mugs. 

eurovision 2021 branding

Open up everyone its time to leave behind the gloom 2020 and  let the colors and brightness dominate in 2021 !! Rotterdam here we come !! 

Angelo D.

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