Eurovision 2021: ESC 2020 acts or new selected hopefuls? The map of confirmed countries and artists

Eurovision 2021: ESC 2020 acts or new selected hopefuls? The map of confirmed countries and artists

Following the Eurovision 2020 cancellation and the EBU’s decision not to allow this year’s entries to compete in the 2021 edition, the countries have started revealing whether they will continue with the same ESC 2020 acts next year or select a new representative. So far 38 nations have confirmed participation.

Once the Eurovision song contest was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak the question that came up was what will happen with this year’s acts that didn’t eventually have the chance to perform on stage in Rotterdam their Eurovision entries. The EBU through a clear statement excluded the ESC 2020 songs ,by not allowing the same entries for 2021 but leaving to the broadcasters to decide whether they will return with the same acts or not.

The decision was accepted by broadcasters and acts with mixed feelings. However some nations out of the 41 countries that were to participate in this year’s contest have already confirmed their participation and there act or the format that will determine next year’s representative.

Therefore the Eurovision 2021 puzzle of competing acts and countries for Eurovision 2021 has so far as following:


So far a total of 19 countries have confirmed their Eurovision 2021 participation and the comeback of the ESC 2020 acts .These are:

  1. Spain Blas Canto
  2. The Netherlands– Jeangu Macrooy
  3. Ukraine– GO_A Band
  4. Greece– Stefania
  5. Georgia Tornike Kipiani
  6. Azerbaijan– Samira Efendi
  7. SwitzerlandGjon’s Tears
  8. Belgium– Hooverphonic
  9. Bulgaria– Victoria
  10. Israel – Eden Alene
  11. Austria – Vincent Bueno
  12. Romania – Roxen
  13. Australia – Montaigne
  14. Czech Republic – Benny Cristo
  15. Malta – Destiny Chukunyere
  16. Latvia – Samanta Tina
  17. Slovenia – Ana Soklič
  18. San Marino – Senhit
  19. Moldova –  Natalia Gordienko



So far 13 countries have confirmed that they will be competing in Eurovision 2021 but with new selected acts. Estonia has confirmed that it will select a new Eurovision representaitve via Eesti Laul 2021 and gave to Uku Suviste a direct pass to the semi finals, while Sweden will be selecting its ESC 2021 act through the Melodifestivalen 2021 format.

The same path have chosen the national broadcaster from Norway which will select its Eurovision 2021 hopeful via the Melodi Gran Prix show while Ulrikke must participate with a new song if she want to reach the ESC 2021 stage.

Finland will be selecting its entry through UMK 2021 with the ESC 2020 act, Aksel , taking part in the next national fina. The same new from  Lithuania, Cyprus who have opted for new ESC 2021 hopefuls while Demmark will hold one more edition of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix .

France switches back to a national seletion format to determine its ESC hopeful while Tom Leeb will not be taking part in the new national selection.

Croatia will select its new ESC representative via its traditional format of Dora 2021, leaving though the option to this year’s hopeful Damir Kedzo to compete with a new song.

Germany will stick with its internal selection of two juries while Albania will hold once again Festivali i Kenges 59 in order to determine the nation’s hopeful. Italy and Portugal are  the latest countries to confirm their participation and have opted for new hopefuls through their traditional show, Sanremo Festival and Festival da Cançao respectively.

  1. Sweden– Melodifestivalen
  2. Estonia– Eesti Laul
  3. Norway – Grand Prix 2021
  4. Finland – UMK 2021
  5. Lithuania – Pabandom Iš Naujo 2021
  6. Denmark – Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021
  7. Cyprus: NS formula and act to be determined
  8. Croatia – Dora 2021
  9. France – Regional national final event
  10. Germany – National selection via 2 juries
  11. Albania –  Festivali i Kenges 59
  12. ItalySanremo Festival 2021
  13. Portugal – Festival da Cançao


The Irish broadcaster, RTE, has confirmed its Eurovision 2021 without yet revealing its intention regarding the act.

  1. Ireland
  2. Serbia
  3. Iceland
  4. North Macedonia
  5. Armenia
  6. Russia


  1. Andorra
  2. Luxembourg 
  3. Slovakia 
  4. Monaco
  5. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  6. Montenegro


  1. Belarus
  2. Poland
  3. United Kingdom


Meanwhile a number of countries that have been absent the latest yeats haven’t yet confirmed a possible return or not. Among them Hungary and Montenegro that have been absent only the last year and seem more closer to a decision of returning.

  1. Hungary

On the other hand there’s a list of countries that have taken the path of absence the last years and their return seems less likely to take place . These are :

  1. Turkey
  2. Morocco

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is scheduled for May 18,20, and 22 at Rotterdam Ahoy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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