Eurovision 2021: Nikkie Tutorials to launch the ‘LookLab’ show in Rotterdam

Eurovision 2021: Nikkie Tutorials to launch the ‘LookLab’ show in Rotterdam

NikkieTutorials will be hosting the new show, “Looklab” , during the Eurovision weeks covering the glitter and gossip of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. 

Last year the world wide know Youtuber and blogger, Nikkie de Jager, held a series of online conversations with the Eurovision 2020 participants that time after the cancellation of the contest and towards the special show Europe Shine A Light  that took place insted.

This year what’s another year of Eurovision without a little bit of glitter and gossip! Nikkie de Jager return in order to present us  the gossip and the small details and trivia behind the curtain of the upcoming 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Nikkie will be running her own new show titled  “Looklab”.  

Nikkie Tutorials will be setting up her own studio in Rotterdam Ahoy where she will be welcoming the 39 delegates and other special guests discussing with them the gossip and back scene details. 

The show will run from May 10 on daily basis up to May 21 and will unfold on the on the official Eurovision YouTube channel.

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