Eurovision 2021: Rotterdam Ahoy is reorganising its 2021 Spring schedule

Eurovision 2021: Rotterdam Ahoy is reorganising  its 2021 Spring schedule

Last weekend EBU announced that in 2021 we are heading back to Rotterdam for the next Eurovsion Song Contest. Adjusting to the new facts, Ahoy Arena is rescheduling its event calendar for 2021 Spring. 

According to Ahoy’s spokeswoman, it concerns some events and options, which are moved or canceled in consultation. Similarly, in 2021 the Night of Orange, an annual festival with folk singers on the evening before King’s Day, will not take place. As she says:

“We knew, of course, that this might be coming up, so there was already contact.”

The Eurovision song contest is expected to take place in the second or third week of May next year. This year, the event was supposed to take place last Saturday, but that was canceled due to the corona crisis. The build-up for this would start in early April. Construction will probably start around the same time next year. Rotterdam Ahoy’s agenda will still contain the final of the Korfbal League before April 10, but that is no problem, according to the spokeswoman.

Different spaces have to be built up. The arena will follow later. ”

After last weekend’s special show “Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light” revealed that Rotterdam will be hosting the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest following last month’s Rotterdam City Council’s approval of the exra budget required for next year’s hosting.


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