Eurovision 2021: Rotterdam Socialist party objects to further funding next year’s contest

Eurovision 2021: Rotterdam Socialist party objects to further funding next year’s contest

Moving the Eurovision song contest after this year’s cancellation because of the corona virus costs the municipality of Rotterdam 6.7 million euros. However the Rotterdam Socialist party objects to any further funding to host the contest. 

After this year’s cancellation due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it was rational for Rotterdam to have the first say at hosting next year’s edtion. However such new hosting   by the city of Rotterdam means the city will have to pay a further €6.7 million. That amount is in addition to the €15 million the city has already spent on the organisation of the 2020 edition, which was not covers by any insurance.

While the city council is holding today the vote on the issue , the Rotterdam Socialist party is objecting to further funding the next edition of the contest. Specifically the party supports to spend such an amount to other needs of the city such as the combat against poverty or the  culture industry during the more immediate effects of coronavirus, such as the upcoming summer season without any festivals.

Rotterdam Socialist Party chairman Aart van Zevenbergen outlines the facts that remain after the coronavirus outbreak and that put in doubt event next year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, urging the mayor to take into account the advice by  Dutch National Institute for Public Health about how feasible it is for Eurovision take place under this circumstances without putting in jeopardy the public health.

Aart van Zevenbergen says:

We think it is unwise if we give the green light now for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam. There is so much uncertainty and the problems just pile up. It is precisely now that we must make informed choices in the interest of the people of Rotterdam. The Corona pandemic has proven that structural changes are needed quickly and taking risks for a Song Festival is therefore inappropriate.

Meanwhile is hasn’t been cleared whether the Dutch Government or public broadcaster NOS will make a contribution to the costs of hosting. Under this latest development today vote by the City Council will give a sign on where things will be heading on behalf of the city’s authorories.


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