Eurovision 2021: The 10 Qualifiers of the First Semi Final Show

Eurovision 2021: The 10 Qualifiers of the First Semi Final Show

The First Semi Final show of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest is over and we have our first ten qualifiers for Saturday’s Grand final show!

The semi final was hosted by singer Edsilia Rombley, who represented the Netherlands twice in the past (1998 and 2007), actor and presenter Chantal Janzen, singer and television host Jan Smit, as well as the popular makeup artist and YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials.

The 16 countries of the first semi final appeared on the Rotterdam Ahoy stage in the following order:

Lithuania – The Roop (Discoteque)

Slovenia – Ana Soklic (Amen)

Russia – Manizha (Russian Woman)

Sweden – Tusse  (Voices)

Αustralia – Montaigne (Technicolour)

North Macedonia – Vasil  (Here I Stand)

Ireland – Lesley Roy (Maps)

Cyprus – Elena Tsagrinou  (El Diablo)

Norway – TIX (Fallen Angel)

Croatia – Albina  (Tick – Tock)

Belgium – Hooverphonic (The Wrong Place)

Israel – Eden Alene (Set Me Free)

Romania – Roxen (Amnesia)

Azerbaijan – Efendi (Mata Hari)

Ukraine – Go_A (Shum)

Malta – Destiny (Je Me Casse)

The 10 Qualifiers

The 10 countries that qualified to the Grand final show are: 

  1. Lithuania – The Roop (Discoteque)
  2. Russia – Manizha (Russian Woman)
  3. Sweden – Tusse  (Voices)
  4. Cyprus – Elena Tsagrinou  (El Diablo)
  5. Norway – TIX (Fallen Angel)
  6. Belgium – Hooverphonic (The Wrong Place)
  7. Israel – Eden Alene (Set Me Free)
  8. Azerbaijan – Efendi (Mata Hari)
  9. Ukraine – Go_A (Shum) 
  10. Malta – Destiny (Je Me Casse)

Next Live show will take place on Thursday, May 20, 2021, with the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision song contest and the second set of 10 qualifiers to be determined. 

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