Eurovision 2021: The Big-5 countries’ running order determined

Eurovision 2021: The Big-5 countries’ running order determined

The running order for the Big-5 countries ( Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the U.K ) was determined this afternoon today at Rotterdam Ahoy. 

During each country’s press conference after their second rehearsal, the customary draw took place determining in which position of the Grand final will the Big-5 countries appearing on stage.

We remind you that while the Big-5 running order is determined this way, the rest of the finalists will pick their spot in the final after their respective semi final.

Therefore once all Big-5 acts has picked out of the jar their spot the running order outcome look like following:

  • Italy: Måneskin — “Zitti E Buoni” — Second Half
  • Germany: Jendrik — “I Don’t Feel Hate” — Second Half
  • France: Barbara Pravi — “Voilà” — Second Half
  • United Kingdom: James Newman — “Embers” — First Half
  • Spain: Blas Cantó — “Voy a quedarme” — First Half

For the The Netherlands it has been decided that they will keep the 23rd place they had chosen from last year’s draw. 

Here is the official recap of the Big-5 countries and the host nation: 

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