Eurovision 2021: Watch snippets of First Day’s Rehearsals

Eurovision 2021: Watch snippets of First Day’s Rehearsals

A total of seven countries from the first semi final took the stage to rehearse for the first time their entries in Rotterdam Ahoy.

The first seven acts of the 2021 Eurovision First Semi-final will take the stage today. Namely,  Lithuania, Slovenia, Russia, Sweden, North Macedonia, Ireland  and Australia (remotely).

The rehearsal week is divided into two primary phases: From today and up to Tuesday 11/5 the first rehearsals of all competing countries into the two semi finals take place while from Wednesday 12/5 till Saturday 15/5 the second reeharsals of all competing countries in the semi finals are held along with the first rehearsals of the Big-5 countries and the host nation. 

The first phase is held without the presence of any audience with the accredited press watching the rehearsals through the press center and releasing snippets of this first round of rehearsals. 

Check below all the snippet of today’s first rehearsals:

Lithuania –The Roop ( Discoteque)   

Slovenia – Ana Soklic (Amen)

Russia – Manizha (Russian woman)

Sweden  – Tusse ( Voices)     

Australia  – Montaigne (Technicolour)   

North Macedonia – Vasil ( Here I Stand)    

Ireland  – Lesley Roy ( Maps)


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