Eurovision 2022: The puzzle of the participants in Turin

Eurovision 2022: The puzzle of the participants in Turin

The puzzle of Eurovision 2022 participants has now been completed.

This year a total of 40 countries will be taking part in the 66th edition of the famous Eurovision contest. Five (5) of them the so-called the “Big-5” will perform directly on the grand final of the song content in Turin on May 14. These are Italy, Germany, Spain, UK and France. The rest 35 will have to fight for a “ticket” which will lead them a step closed to their dream taking part in one of the two semi-finals, set for 10 and 12 of May.

Until then, we do have plenty of time to listen to all of the songs and choose our favorite ones and wish them “Good Luck” in Turin, Italy.

So, the puzzle of this year’s competition is made of:

15 female solo artists: (In alphabetical order)

14 groups or duos (In alphabetical order)

11 male soloists (In alphabetical order)

The age of the participants

Mainly, the age of the participants is something between 17 and 30 years old.

The younger participant comes from Slovenia and is Zala Velensek, a member of the group LPS, who is 17 years old. While the older ones are all members of the Bulgarian group Intelligent Music Project: Stoyan Yankoulov who is 55 years old followed by Zdob și Zdub, Victor Dandeș (49), Sviatoslav Starus (47), Mihai Gâncu (46).

In English or in their own language?

A concern of every year’s entry is the language matter and whether a song will be in English, in the language of the country which represents or in any other language.

This year 25 songs which makes a strong majority are delivered exclusively in English. Another nine countries (The Netherlands, Slovenia, Ukraine, Iceland, Serbia, Italy and France, Lithuania, Moldova) are singing in their own language. From this group only Moldova has a repeated line in English.

The rest six participants are using a combination of two languages and these are: Spain, Albania, San Marino, Cyprus, Portugal and Romania (contains the song title and one line in Spanish)!

In case you haven’t listened to any of them yet, although we don’t believe it or if you just want to have a quick revision, this is the Official Recap.

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